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Turner Syndrome Awareness all Year Long

Allied health professionals and consumers can work together to communicate the recognition and importance of early diagnosis of Turner Syndrome. A tool kit has been adopted to assist all awareness advocates in their outreach efforts. While February has been designated the official awareness month - It takes a year of activity to realize its full potential. Please join TSF in making awareness a reality in 2016.


Four messages are central throughout the toolkit:
   • Awareness resources for early diagnosis
   • Information about treatment and early interventions 
   • Allied health professionals are at the forefront
      of diagnosis and treatment
   • A paradigm of care from the womb throughout a
      female's lifespan
The toolkit contains a number of resources :
   • Awareness Flyer Awareness Fact Sheet
   • Social media messaging
   • Social media graphics -  We'll make a banner for you 
      badge    logo    web banner   display ad
   • Growth information
   • Turner Syndrome Indications Poster
   • Indications by stages of development
   • Medical Education: Identifying and Managing Care of Girls with Turner Syndrome
   • NIH Clinical Practice Guidelines  

The average age of diagnosis for a girl remains still relatively late. View our video about the importance of early diagnosis featuring Dr. Henry Anhalt, DO, a pediatric endocrinologist and Sarah Kramer, a young woman who has Turner Syndrome, and her mother, Shaz:
Watch the Importance of Early Diagnosis of Turrner Syndrome video

While there are certainly patients who are diagnosed at an early age, a late diagnosis is, unfortunately, not uncommon. This often results in delayed access to necessary health interventions and treatments. With your support in helping to spread the word to increase awareness of Turner Syndrome, we stand together to make a difference in the lives of thousands of babies who survive this complex condition.

What You Can Do to Help                                                                                  

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If you have any awareness ideas, please let us know. We welcome fresh ideas and perspectives as well as new and motivated volunteers!
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