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Champion for Turner Syndrome

Ambassador Program

TSF offers an opportunity for professionals to champion the cause in their respective area of specialty, professional community, and geographical location.  TSF can highlight individual and collaborative contributions through the media profile system. TSF state representation may act on behalf of the foundation in distributing materials, coordinating efforts and communicating information for a consistent national message. TSF will provide information and materials required for their operation. TSF will facilitate regional Turner syndrome conferences with informational sessions and speakers. TSF advisory board members are qualified speakers.

Knowledgeable and caring providers can become part of the Turner Syndrome Foundation Ambassador Program. As a provider you stand at the first line of defense towards early recognition and treatment of this common disorder.  There are many ways you can contribute to improve care outcomes; primarily, by diagnosing girls as early in life as possible; following the recommendations of the NIH Clinical Guidelines; staying current on new findings in clinical research; and supporting the cause. 

The ambassador opportunities include participation in a variety of program activities that may include:

• Serving as a contact and source of information about Turner Syndrome;
• Disseminating information in your office, website, medical facilities, etc.;                                
• Sharing information with your colleagues and professional societies; and
• Linking to the resources on the website.

Serving as an Ambassador will change lives!
As an ambassador you will receive national and statewide recognition throughout the year in a variety of different ways:

• Listing on the Ambassador page of TSF website including profile and contact information to gain exposure to patients seeking specialized managed care;
• Introduction in one of our newsletters that is emailed worldwide;
• An invitation to submit peer reviewed articles and events for circulation;
• Included in TSF Speaker’s Bureau;
• Invited for media interviews; and
• Earn an opportunity to be named “Ambassador of the Year”.

Realize your impact! 

If you would like to apply, complete the ambassador application and select from a list of possible activities or personal recommendation based on your interest and availability. While we would like to encourage all to apply, we may limit the number of ambassadors based on our placement needs by credentials, specialty and geography. 

Ambassador Application Form