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Community of Advocates: Staff & Volunteers

Laura Fasciano
Director and Founding President

Determined to make a difference in the lives of individuals with Turner Syndrome through education, research and support, I founded this organization to advocate for a randomly acquired and complex condition affecting women. Precious lives, families and communities are struggling for answers. 
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Get to know our mission

Robert A. Fitzgerald, MD
Medical Affairs Liaison

Robert is working with the Turner Syndrome Foundation while he completes his MBA. As the Medical Affairs Liaison at the Turner Syndrome Foundation, he works to expand existing and plenary programs to educate patients and providers about Turner Syndrome and the myriad comorbidities that come with it. Robert has a special interest in psychiatric component of Turner Syndrome. Before medical school Robert attended the University of Maryland.

Dot Smith
Health Initiatives Coordinator

As part of the Turner Syndrome Foundation team, I am here to help find solutions to your everyday questions and concerns. Using the abundance of information on our website, my daily communication reaches the person who contacts TSF, whether by e-mail to welcome the new registrant or by phone to share the emotions of a newly diagnosed woman.  

Alexis Gratton
Health Initiatives Coordinator

As Health Initiatives Coordinator at the Turner Syndrome Foundation, I work to generate and expand research and educational resources for both medical professionals and those affected by TS. To date, I have assisted in the coordination of the Council on Infertility's publication as well as developed numerous resources for the TSF website. I am dedicated to the mission of TSF to ensure that in the near future every women touched by Turner Syndrome will have her questions and concerns answered.

Monica Bobadilla
HR Volunteer Coordinator

As the volunteer coordinator, my role is to identify and align talent with an opportunity to give back that is both meaningful and rewarding. Each indvidual contributes to the TSF overarching goal for national advocacy through our National Council of State Leaders program. There is an opportunity here for everyone. 

Erin Yanarella
Program Assistant

Erin, a Monmouth County resident and accounting major at Monmouth University, is generously committed to making a difference with data forensics and analysis.

Izzy Kilner
Patient Registry Coordinator

As a scientific research coordinator, I am constantly advancing myself with new information that I can use to help TS girls and women. I follow
every family's story with our patient registry, which enables me to understand their need and confusion. I am honored to be part of an organization that advocates and brings awareness for the unheard and sometimes misunderstood.

Maria Ardila
Patient Registry Coordinator
My mission at the Turner Syndrome foundation, as a bilingual speaker and writer, is to infuse diversity in our patient outreach to increase education and facilitate support to all young girls, and women with Turner Syndrome. It’s highly important to me that our families know we are here to help, communicate, and bring comfort in more than one language.

Tori Ann Paul
Special Events

Tori Ann is a sign language specialist in training lending her time to support Turner Syndrome Foundation. She is looking to engage with coporations, small businesses, civic groups, and individuals interested in lending their time and talent, especially passion, to making a difference in support of Turner Syndrome Foundation. Think of the fun you will have while giving back!

Olivia Gonzales
Marketing & Publicity

Being a part of the Turner Syndrome Foundation, to me, means that I can contribute to those dealing with TS alone. My goal for Turner Syndrome Foundation is that we make the awareness of this cause even greater and find support for the girls and women living with Turner Syndrome. I plan to use my skills in media and publicity to open up a whole new world to people unaware of TS and broaden the foundation’s horizons.

Audrey Jones

Intern: Princeton University

When I first learned about Turner Syndrome, I could only imagine the impact it has on young girls’ and women’s lives, so I began researching and writing on the topic. With the Foundation, I will be publishing a series of 10 articles that aim to “turn Turner Syndrome on its side,” so to speak, allowing readers, and myself, to investigate the condition from new perspectives in hopes of making a significant and lasting impact.

Elizabeth Kenny-Foggin, M. A., M.S., OG-TT
Dyslexia Specialist & Orton Gillingham Teacher Trainer (IMSLEC)
Multisensory Structured Language Instruction,
Literacy Assessments, & Educational Consultation

Elizabeth Kenny- Foggin has been a teacher of special education for 28 years, including the last 12 years in the Holmdel school district-first as a learning disabilities teaching consultant (LDTC), but more recently as a classroom teacher, so that she could work closely with her students. She has been affiliated with Fairleigh Dickenson University more than 12 years, beginning as a graduate student studying dyslexia, and eventually earning the following certifications:  Dyslexia Special Certificate; Orton Gillingham Teacher Certificate; Orton Gillingham Teacher Trainer: and currently pursuing an Orton Gillingham Therapist Certificate. She has provided professional development in the area of multisensory training both at the college level and for teachers in the district.  She has also been instrumental in creating an elective class at the high school based on a multi-sensory approach and embedded with Orton Gillingham methods, along with current research supporting incoming ninth graders in the areas of reading, writing, study skills and meta-cognition.  She is also an active member of a district committee, working on presentations and trainings related to dyslexia and other language-based disorders and has presented nationally and internationally on the topic.