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Fundraising Events

Through the time and talent of our generous volunteers and donors, significant support is possible.

Read and complete the TSF Fundraising Guidelines Form(s), then select a fundraising method that is best for you or your team.

Simply create a user password, edit your page, share your story. 100% of the proceeds benefit TSF
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Lend your time and talent, especially your passion, to make a difference to host a special event in support of the Foundation.
Fundraising Ideas
Get started, complete the Fundraising Form

Here's a great example - A Benefit Pub Crawl 
A community came together to support a young family in need and to benefit the Turner Syndrome Foundation.
Read Benefit Pub Crawl and be inspired!

Setup a proceeds benefit at your favorite restaurant or business. Many corporations are waiting to hear from you and will gladly support their community. Help raise awareness and support for Turner Syndrome. Complete the Proceeds Benefit application to get started. 
Proceeds Benefit Form 

If you've been meaning to get involved, but aren't quite sure where to begin or perhaps you are not sure if you have enough time to make a longterm commitment, you can start with a letter writing campaign to raise awareness and to ask for support.  Whether you are asking for sponsorship for an athletic event or not, you can be a part of the awareness campaign simply by amending this templated letter and forwarding it to your personal and professional contacts. Simply read the Talent Management Handbook's Fundraising Guidelines and send us your Special Event Form. 
Download the Sponsor Me letter


SUBMITTING YOUR GIFT - Mailing Information
As per the fundraising guidelines, 100% of the event proceeds must support Turner Syndrome FOUNDATION. 
All donations and funds collected should be mailed via check or U.S. Money Order payable to:
"Turner Syndrome Foundation", and funds are to be mailed to P. O. Box 726, Holmdel, NJ 07733

If you need more information, please Contact Us 
Have a fundraising idea not mentioned? Let us know!