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A Message From the Director and Founding President

Hello and welcome!

Whether you or someone you care for is affected by Turner Syndrome (TS), we hope you will find resources throughout this website valuable. Beyond information, you will find here a caring community and a foundation engaged in advocacy to advance education and research and improve medical care and the quality of life for all individuals with TS.

We represent your voice and those of close to three million girls and women around the world. Working actively with the medical community, we bring attention to the disorder and facilitate sharing of knowledge and treatment strategies.

If you are here concerned about symptoms you, your child or a patient you are caring for is experiencing and wondering if it may be Turner, we hope you will take the information you are gathering and administer a Turner diagnostic test. The earlier you know, the better the results of the treatment. We invite you to contact us if we can help in any way.

The vision for the Turner Syndrome Foundation was born of a personal quest for more information and broader dissemination about a disorder that affects my very own family. It became apparent that an infant with TS has specific needs, which are bound to become more complex in adolescence and adulthood. As parents, we needed to be fully educated on the disorders' effects and evolution and soon realized that knowledge about TS and the practice of early diagnosis are not common occurrences. Fostering awareness and promoting education and research soon became the main objectives of the Foundation.

The Foundation’s mission is embodied by a dedicated group of talented professionals and volunteers. I am especially thankful to all of the contributors that lend their influence to bring notable programs to fruition to accelerate an awakening of new science, increased advocacy, and advancements in learning to improve care outcomes.

We have only begun to realize the breadth of possibilities, and I am optimistic that with advanced communications and community involvement, we will make a difference! 

Warm regards,

Laura Fasciano
Director and Founding President

Please take time to explore our site, learn about TS. If there is one thing you do today, please take a moment to JOIN OUR MAILING LIST.

The Foundation relies greatly on volunteers for its governance and programmatic activities.  Meet the dedicated host of individuals that dedicated their expertise, talent and time to this cause.

Board of Trustees
Medical Advisory Board
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Staff and Volunteers
Internship Opportunities


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Internship Opportunities

Students looking to gain experience and practical knowledge can intern with the Foundation. Interns make meaningful contributions to Turner Syndrome Foundation, Inc. in providing an invaluable level of program and administrative support for the organization, and can help to explore opportunities for both career and personal development. We provide internship opportunities of varying duration, from semester- to year-long, in the areas of biomedical research, health policy, education, consumer advocacy, nonprofit management, and marketing and social media.

We attract individuals who are motivated, thoughtful, creative, and detail-oriented. Individuals in various stages of their academic and professional careers are encouraged to apply. Internship application Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ's


"As an aspiring medical professional, I am excited to do anything related to my field and I find myself amazed at the important work of the Turner Syndrome Foundation. Almost every time I am asked where I work I have to explain what Turner Syndrome is and how some girls are affected. But, that sole aspect is what I love most about my position, I am constantly educating others about the disorder and assisting in the Foundation’s advocacy work.  My position gives me a sense of satisfaction at the end of the day because I know I am working towards fulfilling an unmet need in women's health in providing girls who have endured so many complications with resources they truly need." J. Simmons

"My involvement as a volunteer for the Turner’s Syndrome Foundation was an amazing experience. Many people never heard of Turner’s syndrome before and I felt so happy that I was able to share my knowledge of the Turner’s Syndrome with others. This is a women’s issue that needs to be voiced to more people. Though this diagnosis only affects girls, everyone should be aware of it for it can happen to your friend, a family member or even someone you may know. Nevertheless, the Turner’s Syndrome can be easily diagnosed when detected early. Through this Foundation it has helped me in my career path of becoming a pediatrician." C. Nguyen

“I had never dealt with political issues before and I learned that despite the distance that politicians sometimes seem to have from their constituents they genuinely care about issues such as the ones we had discussed and that by voicing our opinions on these issues we can truly make a difference.” C. Gong  Read more…

“Through the use of fun and interactive events such as the holiday event and marathons, people are engaged while they learn about the prevalence of Turner Syndrome and are called upon to advocate more developments and aid. It didn't take long for me to realize just how important the foundation was to the thousands of people who are affected by this disorder, whether knowingly or not. I hope other people can learn not only to appreciate the blessings of their own lives, but to help others affected by Turner Syndrome to achieve the blessings they deserve.” L. Trachtenberg

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