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Living With Turner Syndrome

Moving through diagnosis and acceptance
Addressing challenges 
Living your life

Learn about Turner Syndrome and stay connected. Share your concerns.
Your privacy is important to us and will never be used other than to advocate on your behalf. 
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Personal Essays of Living with Turner Syndrome
Learn through their experience the trials, triumphs and tribulations of living with a common, yet uncommonly known disorder. 

Meet Others - View Personal Stories
"The Turner Syndrome Diaries" videos are powerful and persuasive tools that inspire human emotion and concern about the unmet needs affecting women and children with Turner Syndrome.

Workshops and Conferences for Continued Education
Join one of our unique workshop experiences to continue learning about Turner Syndrome from field professionals to address evolving needs over the lifespan. Help us plan an education experience volunteer

Summer Camp 
Health specific sleep-a-way camps, day camps and learning centers offer counseling and enrichments critical to the social and psychological development of girls with this disorder.

You may find following the resources link about Turner syndrome helpful at the time of diagnosis and beyond.

Getting Involved
We rely on a host of talent to facilitate programs of significant impact towards our mission of early diagnosis and improved care outcomes. If you have an interest in Turner Syndrome or women's health, you may consider getting involved with the Foundation.  Learn more by click the Getting Involved link above.

Ways to Support the Foundation 
Learn how you can rally support for the Foundation.  Every person can make an impact!

Join Team TSF 
Heel to pavement, together we can make a difference.  Families and friends of Turner Syndrome Foundation have joined together to run, walk, cheer or volunteer at one of the national Team TSF activities.  Register with Turner Syndrome Foundation to get started in a city near you!

Learn about giving back.  Contribute to new RESEARCH.

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