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Professional Initiatives 

Research Committee The Research Committee meets monthly to review, plan and forge new research initiatives and collaborations with universities and scholars to yield new information pertaining to all aspects of Turner Syndrome.  TSF Research

Education Committee
The Education Committee is comprised of collegiate, high school, and elementary teachers of education to discuss educational concerns and criteria for special needs and gifted students. The committee meets semi-annually to review and update literature. In 2010, TSF in collaboration with Kean University College of Education, held the first ever conference for educators. TSF Educators

Insurance Committee
The Insurance Committee meets bi-monthly to address insurance issues patients cope with in appealing for diagnostic testing, medication, and therapies. Legal and insurance specialists convene to identify gaps in coverage, discover barriers to care, and plan advocacy programs to improve access to specialized care for all.
TSF Advocacy

Educating Physicians and Allied Health Professionals -TSF in collaboration with Scherer Clinical Communications and AACME educated more than 27,000 physicians through its online CME entitled, "Identifying and Managing Care of Girls with Turner Syndrome". This activity was fully funded by a grant from Novo Nordisk. A link to this activity can be found on the Physician page.

Patient Education Workshops - Educating patients and caregivers ensures best longterm outcomes. The Patient Education Workshops are organized by Turner Syndrome Foundation and university medical centers to grow outreach where it belongs, in the community, and often result in the formation of a center of specialized care for Turner Syndrome. Patient events

Transition Task Force - The Turner Syndrome Foundation in collaboration with the Endocrine Society's Hormone Health Network, has contributed in collaboration with an esteemed faculty of medical care providers to develop helpful resources for pediatric providers and patients. The goal of the task force is to provide resources that promote a smooth transition from pediatric to adult care management. 
Transition Guidelines

Council on Infertility (COI) - Designed to approach a sensitive subject affecting the lives of women with Turner Syndrome. We identified that as women grow into adulthood, the issue of family planning and infertility needs considerable attention to adequately address these concerns.  One of the main purposes of the COI is to begin developing guidelines and recommendations on infertility and family planning for healthcare providers.  Reproductive health

Development Committee - Seasoned fundraising professionals, philanthropists, writers, investors, and development officers are sought to join the Development Committee of the Turner Syndrome Foundation. Statistically, there are limited allocated funds directed to women's health. TSF is assembling a group of socially conscientious individuals with philanthropic interest to contribute to support women's health to join the Development Committee.

Professionals Volunteers - Professionals of varied expertise and interest are sought to enliven their life's work and to broaden the current knowledge, resources, and information known about Turner Syndrome.  If you would like to be considered for a voluntary position with the Foundation for a one-time project or a standing committee, please complete the Professional Volunteer Application.
Remit the professional application with a cover letter of interest defining your objectives, background, and time commitment, along with a headshot photo to